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Transcarpathian art

Ladies and Gentlemen!
Dear friends!

Lyudmyla Kononovych Sieghard Raschdorf
Lyudmyla Kononovych Sieghard Raschdorf


We are greeting you on the pages of the issue "Painters of Treanscarpathia". We are glad that you have found time and wish to get acquainted with our project. We do hope that your time as well as the whole period of preparatory work for this edition will not be considered as wasted for it has been dedicated to the useful and undoubtedly intersting cause.

We want to pay your attention to the fact that the project of the book-catalogue "Painters of Transcarpathia"  exists since 2006–2007 and was preliminarily coordinated with the Transcarpathian organization of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine, and also with art historians and investigators of the theme. We would like to see this serious work completed as a book-catalogue in two volumes and published not later than the middle of 2010.
Our main goal and at the same time our main conclusion is that all the materials of the project, the photos and the reproductions of the paintings must meet the highest requirements of the modern polygraphy. This is the only way to get the result that would satisfy both the participants of the project – the painters and the readers, connoisseurs of art. This approach demands additional investments and time.

Today, in the the intermediate phase of the project we are ready and have an intention to acquaint you wth the already obtained results. The issue that you hold in your hands has become the preliminary report about our work. There are articles of art historians on the history and the present of  the Transcarpathian painting, reproductions of the paintings of  masters, materials about plain airs and conferences – we hope it is an interesting material for you.

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And ultimately we would like to attract your attention to our main convinction which has determined the content of this project – we absolutely share the opinion of many investigators about the existence of such artistic phenomenon as Transcarpathian school of art. And what is more, we consider it not as a regional concept within the bounderies of the Ukrainian state. The Transcarpathian school of art is one of the serious art schools both on the post-Soviet space and on an European scale. Though it has a regional character, its influence and significance go far beyond the bounds of Transcarpathia.

Everything that we modestly wanted to realise has been created in the continuous dialogue with artists, art historians and art critics. Exchange of opinions is an important component of the project and its mission is to present in appropriate manner the interests of Transcarpathian artists.

Truely yours

Sieghard Raschdorf
Lyudmyla Kononovych