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Transcarpathian artists

My meeting with first President of Ukraine - Leonid Kravchuk.

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Transcarpathian artists

Ivan Ilko, Honoured artist of Ukraine

Ivan Ilko, Honoured artist of Ukraine:

There can be no artist without a love to native land, without patriotism.

Ivan Sutev, Peoples Artist of Ukraine

Ivan Sutev, Peoples Artist of Ukraine:

One has to respect the heritage and not to loose the source, the foundation of the renowned school of Transcarpathian painting.

Volodymyr Mykyta, Peoples Artist of Ukraine

Volodymyr Mykyta, Peoples Artist of Ukraine, Academician of the Academy of Arts of Ukraine, T. H. Shevchenko National Prize of Ukraine laureate. :

To serve faithfully the destination which we have been given by Lord! To be free and at the same time profound in our work.

Petro Feldeshi, Honoured artist of Ukraine

Petro Feldeshi, Honoured artist of Ukraine:

Concerning the artists of Transcarpathia all together they are like Carpathian mountains, bigger and smaller, still growing and those lowering, with their Hoverla and Petros peaks, but it is a single Carpathian ridge Transcarpathian school of art.

Ernest Kontratovych

Ernest Kontratovych:

An artist cannot count even the simple days of the week, using uninteresting prose. He must see the beauty that surrounds us every moment. The nature also teaches this.

Vasyl Skakandiy

Vasyl Skakandiy:

Harmony is in simplicity. When everything is frank, without muddle and arrogance this is art.

Petro Sholtes

Petro Sholtes:

I paint because this is the will of my soul. When you live in accordance with your soul you are happy.

Yozhef Sekeresh

Yozhef Sekeresh:

Artist must go his own particular way in painting. Everyone has his mountains, his sky, his flowers.

Yuriy Siarkevych

Yuriy Siarkevych:

I was struck by Transcarpathian school. It is full of temperament, it is sonorous and what is interesting it is musical.

Yuriy Bodnar

Yuriy Bodnar:

The artist's work is harmonious if all factors take part in its creating soul, heart, reason, emotions and body.

Yuriy Herts

Yuriy Herts:

When you think a lot, analyse and suddenly you feel a stick in your soul, then you take a brush or a pencil.

Vladyslav Habda

Vladyslav Habda:

Art is the part of human consciousness that draws us nearer to subconsciousness, religion, kindness.

Vasyl Svaliavchyk

Vasyl Svaliavchyk:

A painting cannot be born for no particular reason. You go with that white empty canvas and heap of tubes with colours and you understand: a will is needed and blessing from above.

Oleh Harahonych

Oleh Harahonych:

Kindness and honesty are the most important in the profession of the painter.

Anton Shepa

Anton Shepa:

I have always been inspired by love to the native land and respect to our traditions and customs.

Yozhef Rushchak

Yozhef Rushchak:

Nature in the paintings lives its own mysterious life: the colourful diversity on the land seems to reflect in the depth of sky in this you feel the harmony of calmness and peace.

Yosyp Babynets

Yosyp Babynets:

It is important to remember what a priceless gift is our life presented to us by Lord.

Zoltan Michka

Zoltan Michka:

Time is the best critic. And it is on our side, because with flow of time the canvases of our countrymen only get more expensive, they really have extremely high national art value!

Ivan Didyk

Ivan Didyk:

In order to create you need the presence of the Holy Spirit, in other words creative spirit.

Serhiy Biba

Serhiy Biba:

The main thing is not to restrain yourself and to show your essence, to reflect your emotional experience through your prism of thinking.

Vasyl Filesh

Vasyl Filesh:

Love, respect to nature is a pledge of feed-back, of energetic return first of all.

Yuriy Shelevytskyi

Yuriy Shelevytskyi:

When Lord gives you talent and wish to work, you are the happiest man, because you are indulged in your favourite occupation.

Yuriy Moshak

Yuriy Moshak:

A painting does not have to be a copy of the seen, it is the expression of your own approach to art and your philosophical interpretation.

Tetiana Levlias

Tetiana Levlias:

Painting is like a wheel of a soul, which you have to turn by your everyday work, and then it keeps on turning by itself, and you are feeling the beneficial awakening of the creative essence.

Ivan Romaniuk

Ivan Romaniuk:

I agree that artist is one percent of talent from Lord and the rest are the years of titanic work.

Tetiana Sopilniak

Tetiana Sopilniak:

To paint for me is like to live, to breathe, to love. It is always a search of self-expression, transformation of the real world into the world invented by me.

Eldar Efendiyev

Eldar Efendiyev:

The artist credo is not to compare, not to be proud, not to envy.

Odarka Dolhosh-Sopko

Odarka Dolhosh-Sopko:

I like creative work in all its diversity, but art created by nature is the most beautiful.

Olena Kondratiuk

Olena Kondratiuk:

The process of creation gives you for a certain moment the feeling that you can create a new reality. This illusion carries you away and you work to experience it again and again.

Vasyl Vovchok

Vasyl Vovchok:

Defining for myself the notion of the Transcarpathian school of art, I would first of all speak of the powerful energy that runs through the painting of our classics.

Lesia Pryimych

Lesia Pryimych:

I am sure that if you put in a canvas all your pain or joy, the work will have the content you have been trying to obtain.

Maria Mytryk

Maria Mytryk:

In my childhood I thought that to be an artists is something unattainable. It was something holy for me Now the painting saves and gives stimulus to live.

Nadia Didyk

Nadia Didyk:

My position in painting is to bring aesthetic pleasure and positive mood.

Attila Kopryva

Attila Kopryva:

The development of art resembles the life of a tree: it grows from roots but always moves upward and every season its crown grows up and new branches appear.

Olha Skakandiy

Olha Skakandiy:

Creative work is a flight of soul, it is seeing and depicting the world through your feelings. I am lucky: I was born and I live in Transcarpathia which has rich traditions, customs, culture.

Emma Levadska

Emma Levadska:

The main thing in my work is freedom and experiment in different kinds of art but with certain inclination to the Transcarpthian school.

Andriy Ivancho

Andriy Ivancho:

The work of the artist is valuable for his personal culture, temperament, energy, effort. "We have inherited the Earth from our parents, we have borrowed it from our children" these are the words that must lead us on the path of life.

Liubov Mykyta

Liubov Mykyta:

As for me, it is no wonder that the school of painting was created right here. Carpathians attract the energy of creation. Sometimes I seem to have gone out of those mountains

Vasyl Betsa

Vasyl Betsa:

Painting is a harmony of emotions, feelings, colour and artistic taste You should paint what you feel.

Anton Kovach

Anton Kovach:

What a happiness it is, if one drop of summer rain is enough to feel the bliss from the heaven.

Taras Usyk

Taras Usyk:

You can recognize the pieces of art at the first glance as love. In fact painting is a vitally important means of communication, which unites us all in the same feelings.

Pavlo Kovach

Pavlo Kovach:

Sometimes it is worth to stop, to become thoughtful, to recollect Painting is a special space, the laws and dimensions functioning there are totally different from those accepted by everyday life.

Maria Kopanska

Maria Kopanska:

The folk art is an experience of many centuries, the heritage of the materialized ideas based on the laws of universe and life.

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